customized 503450 1000mah 3S1P 11.1V 1000mah lithium polymer battery packs for LED strip 12V application

customized lipo battery packs. 503450 1000mah 3S1p.

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Nominal voltage:11.1 v

Minimum capacity:1000mah

size:  17*35*53 mm

Standard Charge: 0.5C CC(constant current)charge to 12.6V,then CV(constant voltage 12.6V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C

Rapid Charge:Constant Current 1C,Constant Voltage12.6V,0.01C cut-off

Charging time:Standard Charging:3.5hours(Ref.)

            Rapid charge:2.5hours(Ref.)

Standard discharge:Constant current 0.5C end voltage 9.0V

Maximum discharge current: Constant current 1.0C end voltage 9.0V

Operating temperature:Charging(充电): 10℃~45℃


Storage temperature:-10℃~ +45℃


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