Lithium polymer battery 606090 3.7v 4000mah for power bank

Lithium polymer battery 606090 3.7v 4000mah for power bank

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Model Number: LP606090

Brand Name: YaBo

Min. Order: 5000 Pieces

FOB Price: US$ 1.7 - US$ 2.0 per unit (Pieces)

FOB Port: Shenzhen

Lead Time: 15 - 20 days

Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)

Country of Origin: China (mainland)


Model Name: LP606090

Dimensions: 6.0*60*90 mm

Norminal Voltage:  3.7V

Nominal Capacity: 4000 Mah

Standard Discharge current: 0.2C

Maxinum Constant Discharge current: 1.0C

Standard Charging current: 0.2C

Max Charging current :1.0C

Discharge cutoff voltage : 3.0V

Operating temperature: Charging temperature: 0~45°C

Discharging temperature: -20~60°C

Voltage of shipment: 3.7V~3.9V

Storage temperature: 1 month-20~60°C

3 month-20~45°C

1 year -20~25°C

Relative humidity: 65±20%


1.High energy density lithium polymer battery;

2.Long life cycle of charging & discharging, more than 500 cycles;

3.Enhanced safety with Japan IC & MOS protectors;

4.Thinner design & lighter weight with aluminum-plastic composite;

5.OEM & ODM services for special size of lithium polymer battery;

6.Easy to assemble with mounted connectors (Molex, Tyco and so on);

7.Rigorous testing to ensure the quality of all lithium polymer batteries;

8. 24 Hours Pre-sale&after-sale Service.

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